2chasing rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

All alone
They didn’t hear you calling
The last one off the boat
One last chance to live

And you came running proud
Shining through the crowd
You gave me a look
And we were hooked forever

Flying cross a green field
Every sense in control
For something only you can see
Chasing Rainbows

A little rough
Playing in the sun
You didn’t get along
With the other ones

You’d knock ‘em down
And stand there laughing
Then follow me
Like it was nothing

Something in the air you hear
Faintest scent scrapes your nose
And you fly off over green hills
Chasing Rainbows

A sweet old lady now
On the couch you lounge
You stare at me all day
Remembering when we

Used to run and play all day
Everywhere we went we owned
Nothing ever stopped us from
Chasing Rainbows