2no strings attached

No Strings Attached

Babe we have been livin’
On a seventh heaven
We’ve never ever
Needed to look back

Over and over
We look out for each other
No need to reassure
We hardly clash

I want you to know
That way back
I never thought that we
Could be a match
And it’s true that you are a great catch
I want you
No strings attached

Right from the beginning
You always were forgiving
You knew how to let go and to relax

You humored my behavior
With the heart of a savior
Even when I drank way too much schnapps

And when I said “be mine”
Barefoot in the sand
I never thought that you
Would take the chance
And what I love
Is you don’t know that you’re a great catch
I want you
No strings attached

And however far away I go
Just the thought of your eyes fill that hole
Deep inside my soul

Now we take our next steps
Down a flowered aisle
I only need your smile and your kiss

With words we are official
But really they mean little
What we have is so much more than this

And my heart like a flood
Rushes flush with blood
As I feel the weight of your hand
I want you
To know that I’m the luckiest man
With you
No strings attached